My husband and I moved from Australia to France in 2013 to be closer to my family and also so that we could start a new life surrounded by some of the best ingredients I have found anywhere in the world. France is still a country where many people not only grow their own fruit and vegetables in a potager (vegetable garden) but often keep chickens (for meat as well as eggs) rabbits, ducks, geese and even pigeons all for their own consumption. They are still living off the land in the purest sense of the word.

The term from ‘fork to fork’ could in France just as easily read from ‘potager to plats‘ and it is this concept of knowing exactly where my food comes from that appeals to both of us and it is this that drives me to cook as sustainably and ethically as I can.

We have begun to grow some of our own fruit and vegetables and this is ongoing. We also forage, as do our neighbours, pretty much all year round gathering from fields and hedgerows – only this weekend we picked wild watercress from a nearby brook. The local area is a treasure trove of producers so knowing where and how our food is grown is possible and frankly rather reassuring.

Here at COME COOK IN FRANCE I strive to use locally sourced, organic and ethically reared animals. When we can, we will pick vegetables from our garden or go out and gather in the forest – it is so exciting to come across wild plums, peaches, walnuts, ceps and even wild asparagus around the area – and then to bring it home and cook and eat it!

My aim is to provide a truly unique cooking experience for both beginners and seasoned cooks. I look forward to sharing this all with you.

* What about duck and foie gras? well sadly no one close to us is rearing ethical foie gras, but there are farmers in France that are beginning to change their practises to meet 21st century ideals and I will always discuss your thoughts and feelings about this before planning a course).