Half day kids course 
Whilst mum and dad relax, I teach the kids a few new skills, or just enjoy some fun time in the kitchen.

Beginning at 2pm I take the kids off to the kitchen to prepare and make afternoon tea, which includes things like mini sandwiches, scones, different shaped cookies and of course cup cakes, whilst mum and dad chill out and relax around the garden or in the pool (heavenly!) and then exciting for the kids they get to show off their newly gained skills by helping me serve tea for everyone to enjoy together. Kids must be 5+ or if younger accompanied in the kitchen by an adult.

The cost of the half day kids course is 70 euros per family (2 kids/2adults + 10 euros for each extra child)

Full day family course

A 10.30am start begins with a cooking class for the adults. This can be pretty much anything you like and can be arranged in advance, but I love to take locally sourced ingredients and give you a modern twist of some of the French classics. We will make a main course and dessert. During this time the lids will be able to make the most of the pool (accompanied at all times by either a non-cooking parent or my husband).

After what will no doubt be a delicious lunch the hard working cooks get timeout to relax whilst I help the kids cook whatever they like to make – in my experience, cup cakes, chocolate and anything that wants to be decorated are the most popular requests – think smarties, smeared chocolate , hundreds and thousands and lots of mess – but remember you can relax whilst I get to clear up after them!!!!

Once you have booked in a class we can chat about what type of dishes you would like to cook together. I have experience of cooking dishes from around the globe so the choices are limitless.

The cost of the family day course is 120 euros per couple (again based on a family of 2 adults/2 kids). Both courses are based on a minimum of 2 couples and a maximum of 3 couples.